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Supported Audio Formats


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  • Chris Farenheezy

    👋👋👋 Hello there! This show's up prominently on Google when you search for some rather obscure codecs. It looks like you're using libav/ffmpeg and this list was copied from that, so makes sense searching for those brings me here.

    Here's some unsolicited feedback:

    It doesn't make sense for this list to to include all of these implementation details.  For example, you mention: 

    AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) (codec aac)
    aac (AudioToolbox) (codec aac)
    This is because FFMpeg has 2 AAC encoders.  (actually is has more).  One is a software encoder implementation and the other is a hardware encoder made available through the macOS AudioToolbox framework.  However, for a user uploading or downloading AAC, it doesn't matter what processes the audio! The specific encoder/decoder you use is irrelevant, since the end result is just AAC audio.  Also AudioToolbox is a macOS-only thing, so unless you're running macOS on your production servers, you aren't actually using it.  From the users perspective, all you need to list out is the codecs you can encode and decode, and avoid listing out each encoder/decoder implementation.  Shits super confusing. You can get a sense for this encoder vs. codec distinction by comparing the outputs of `ffmpeg -codecs` and `ffmpeg -encoders`.

    (also not sure, but I doubt this vast encoding list is relevant.  I assume you just make audio available in a few standard codecs.  Really doubt you let people encode their audio for downloading into TrueHD)

    Cheers! AV stuff is great.  Just sharing the love.


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